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What is it?

With the emergence of synthetic testosterone in the late 1930's, soon after the U.S.S.R would begin administering the compound to its athletes. As a result they would spend the next 20 years dominating sports including U.S. athletes, but it would be D-bol that would level the field. With the Soviet Union destroying the United States at the Olympics again and again an answer was needed and the answer would prove to be dianabol or D-bol as its commonly known. Thanks in part to U.S. Team physician Dr. John Ziegler and Ciba Pharmaceuticals D-bol was born, and with testosterone it gave the U.S. the edge over its Soviet enemy.

When D-bol hit the market in the late 1950's it was only the second steroid to ever do so; beforehand there was only synthetic testosterone. A remarkable steroid to say the least, one thing that makes D-bol so special was its original intent. D-bol is one of the only anabolic steroids in history created solely for the purpose of performance enhancement. While most anabolic steroids end up as performance enhancing agents most start out for other purposes, and while medical uses have been found for D-bol it remains a performance enhancing king.

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D-bol Basics:

dianabol or D-bol is a testosterone derived anabolic steroid comprised of the active steroidal hormone Methandrostenolone. Available as an injectable steroid D-bol is normally found in its oral form. Twice as anabolic as testosterone D-bol is only half as androgenic. As an oral or injectable, D-bol belongs to the C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) family of anabolic steroids referring to a structural change of the hormone at the 17th carbon position. It is this change that allows the compound to survive the first pass through the liver; however, it also makes it toxic to the liver. A necessary evil in-order to ensure the hormones survival, D-bol's hepatotoxic nature is strong but not nearly as strong as many other C17-aa steroids.

Powerful and fast acting, D-bol largely functions by its ability to promote protein synthesis, glycogenolysis and nitrogen retention. By promoting protein synthesis the rate by-which cells build proteins is enhanced, and this is important as proteins are the building blocks of muscle. Then we have glycogenolysis and there is no steroid that promotes this action better than D-bol. By enhancing glycogenolysis the consumption of carbohydrates is enhanced; in short, our body is able to make better use of every carbohydrate we consume. This is an enormous benefit as carbohydrates represent one of the primary energy sources, and as a result beneficial to any athlete. From there we're left with nitrogen retention, a prime anabolic catalyst that largely protects our bodies from a catabolic state.

Carrying an active half-life of approximately 8 hours, D-bol must be taken on a daily basis during use in-order to maintain stable and peaked levels of the hormone. Most athletes will find twice daily administration of equal doses to be the most efficient. Milligram for milligram substantially stronger than Anadrol, another popular oral steroid it's often compared to, D-bol can normally only be used for approximately six weeks. Due to its fast acting nature enormous benefits can be obtained in this short period of time; however, use must be short lived if the liver is to be protected due to its hepatotoxic nature.

The Side Effects of D-bol:

Generally well tolerated by most healthy adult men, D-bol does carry possible side effects. Of such effects, the most common side effects of D-bol include those of an estrogenic nature. As a testosterone derived anabolic steroid D-bol does aromatize, referring to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and when estrogen levels rise this can be problematic. When this occurs, the most common issue is water retention, which can in turn lead to high blood pressure if left ignored. In-order to combat this issue the most effective method is the use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) as AI's not only reduce the body's estrogen levels but also directly inhibit the aromatase process.

Another area AI's will prove to be useful is in combating gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). As estrogen levels rise the hormone can attach to the receptors in the chest causing breast growth, an effect no man will desire. While AI's will provide the greatest protection, another option is the use of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM's). SERM's function by binding to the receptors in the chest thereby preventing estrogen from binding; however, they're not always strong enough. Even so, if a SERM is enough to protect you from the side effects of D-bol they are your best choice as AI's can have a negative impact on blood lipids. Further, D-bol itself can have a negative impact on cholesterol to a fairly significant degree. If this is to be avoided, a cholesterol friendly diet is imperative as well as plenty of cardiovascular activity. Further, this negative impact or cardiovascular strain of D-bol can have a negative impact on blood pressure making a healthy lifestyle even more imperative. It should go without saying; you should not supplement with D-bol if you already suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol.

The side effects of D-bol largely fall in the estrogen related category, but those of an androgenic nature are possible. Acne and body hair growth can occur; however, issues such as hair loss and prostate enlargement are almost unheard of. D-bol shares a conversion rate similar to testosterone with the 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion. Even so, this relationship is of a miniscule nature and the use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as Finasteride proves to be unnecessary.

Beyond these effects, those who use D-bol must consider its hepatotoxic nature. For this reason, if the liver is to be protected responsible doses and durations of use are imperative. D-bol should never be used for more than 6 weeks and doses should not surpass 50mg per day. Most men will only need 20mg to 30mg per day, but 50mg can be tolerated if responsible practices are followed. Of course, this is all assuming you have a healthy liver to begin with. During use, while liver enzyme values will increase, if the individual avoids excess alcohol consumption, all OTC medications where possible and responsible use the liver will in most cases be fine. It should be noted; avoiding all alcohol is normally best and as for OTC meds, many are just as if not more hepatotoxic than many anabolic steroids.

A final note on the side effects of D-bol, contrary to some steroid message board myth D-bol will suppress your natural testosterone production. Studies have shown that a mere 15mg per day alone is enough to decrease mean plasma testosterone levels by nearly 70% and this isn't considering the use of other anabolic steroids. For this reason the use of exogenous testosterone is essential when supplementing with D-bol.

The Benefits of D-bol:

The benefits of D-bol are fairly easy to see simply by understanding its basic traits. Through use when calories are above maintenance large amounts of muscle mass can be built in record time. It's not uncommon for 20lbs to be gained in as little as 4 weeks and while some may be water weight this can be controlled with AI's and a proper diet. Then there's the big one and it revolves around strength, the very reason the steroid was created. Even without excess calories D-bol has the ability to promote strength rapidly and significantly. No, we can't give you a specific number as an example, but if your product is real the results will be noticeable within a week or two.

Of course, like most steroids that have athletic enhancing abilities D-bol will greatly protect your strength during stressful activity, increase muscular endurance and even improve recovery rates. With these traits it's no wonder the U.S. would destroy the Soviet Union once the steroid was made available and for all intense purposes birthed the age of performance enhancement.

When to Use D-bol:

D-bol is most commonly used as a kick starter for a new off-season phase. Through such use at the beginning of a new cycle progress is made rapidly right from the start while the slower acting injectable steroids are building in your system. Another excellent time for D-bol is mid-cycle use in-order to break through a sticking point; a practice often referred to as plateau busting. Other than these periods of use, D-bol can be used at anytime athletic enhancement is desired, and as long as your training and eating properly that's exactly what you'll have.